Thursday, December 13, 2012

7 Years

7 years ago today I looked kind of like this:

I can't even believe I'm even posting that.  What a terrible picture.  I felt as terrible as I looked.  I was 42 weeks pregnant carrying a 9 pound baby and about 75 extra pounds on my frame.  I was bloated and tired and frankly, plain miserable.  They had to put two gowns on me because just one wouldn't fit all the way around!  I was HUGE. 

After 27 excrutiating hours of labor plus a botched epidural, I was blessed with Abigail Emily.  All of the pain was forgotten, however I did fall asleep eating my french toast, fork in hand! 

The first year went by so fast!  I'm glad I used to keep a journal and since I only had one child at that time, I actaully had time to update the baby book!  I can't remember much of the first year but I at least have those things to look back on.  I do remember her first word was duck, which at the time sounded a lot like fu**.  She started walking at 10 months old, on Halloween.  She loved baths and adored the animals and of course her mommy and daddy. 

The second year went by equally as fast.  I have fewer memories of that, but thankfully plenty of pictures.  I was also pregnant with Alex when Abbie was two so that certainly does not help my memory issues! 

Look at the pudgy fingers!! 

Her second year birthday party invitation

Lucky kid had three parties that year!!
When she was three, she welcomed a new brother into the world and started preschool.  She used to love helping me bake in the kitchen, we'd make more cakes and cookies than we knew what to do with!  She also loved her new baby brother so much.  She'd teach him the things she was learning at school and loved to tickle his tummy to make him laugh.  When she was three she thought she wanted to be a nurse when she grew up, just like her Grandma! 

When she was four, she started Pre-K and became my regular shopping buddy.  She loved going shopping for anything and everything. At this time, she wanted to be a professional shopper when she grew up, or a photographer! 

Her fifth year was a big year.  She graduated from pre-school and started kindergarten.  She made a lot of new friends and learned a ton of new things.  She wanted to be a teacher when she grew up. 

Then suddenly she was 6!  She graduated from kindergarten and started first grade where she is making many new friends and learning even more!  When she was 6 she wanted to be a middle school principal - brave little thing! 

She still loves her little brother, though she won't as readily admit it! 

And today she's 7.  I know there are a lot of new moms who read my blog.  Take it from me.  Document everything.  Take a ton of pictures and videos.  It goes fast.  Before you know it, you're going to be sitting around wondering where the past 7+ years have gone and it's hard to remember even the things you swore you'd never forget.  The days are long but the years are short, trust me on that.  

This little person who is 7 years old today is going to go places in her life.  She's simply amazing.  She's beautiful inside and out.  She works hard and is extrodinarily tenatious.  She's a born leader.  But she's kind and gentle too.  She's all of the good things we admire in people wrapped up in one little package.  I'm so blessed I'm her mom.  I love you Abbie!  

P.S.  She still wants to be a principal or an obstetrician ha!!  The girl sets her sights high!  Good thing we have a college fund! 

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