Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Picture Catch Up

You may (or probably may not) have noticed, but I haven't posted any pictures in awhile.  The USB to iPhone cable broke and I just recently got around to buying a new one.  I wrote a post last night about Monsanto, GMOs, the FDA with a side blurb about why the President's inauguration speech left me cold,  but I decided that if I posted that, people might think I have PMS or something.  I have also given up flour and bread (again, I know, I'm sick) and I'm a little cranky from it.  I want a god damned cracker!  Okay anyway.  The post I wrote last night is sort of a rant (shocking, I know).  So instead, I thought I'd post some pictures that I have recently taken that I love.  I hope you don't mind.  I promise, for those of you dying to hear my thoughts about our government, I will certainly be posting that in the near future.

December was a fun and busy month.  We received some wonderful packages from Denmark and Germany.  Thank you Helle and Laura!  I was a little pissed that the dog ate half of the chocolate.  Not because I worry about the dog, but I hate American chocolate - all of our au pairs have spoiled me - so I look forward to receiving my our bounty of quality chocolate at the end of the year which I typically hoard share with my loving family.

The kids had holiday parties at their schools which were cute.  Santa came to Alex's school where Alex proceeded to ask for oranges for Christmas (and yes, he did get some oranges in his stocking...weirdo kid!) At the end of Abbie's party, her teacher, who is AMAZEBALLS, started crying because she felt so blessed to have a class of such wonderful first graders.  Anyway the kids all ran up and gave her a hug.

 We survived the end of the world, but on that day I did get TWO flat tires which sucked.  The wonderful guys at Big O tires off of 56th and Indiana fixed both of them for FREE for me which rocked. 

Christmas was a lot of fun.  The kids got so many presents that I felt compelled to totally reorganize their room and spend over $300 at Ikea and Target over the long MLK weekend.  Oops.  I do feel much more sane though.  Which isn't saying much.  I still talk to myself. 

We went to the ballet to see The Nutcracker with a couple of our best friends.  The girls didn't like it very much so we left at intermission.  But we cut our losses and proceeded to go have a few drinks have dinner after the show and I soon forgot about the nasty glances I received from the other patrons when my daughter was having a full on fit about being too hot. 

 Abbie advanced a level in gymnastics.  She is really loving her new coach and class.  She's thriving as a little gymnast.  Who knew? 

I knitted a lot.  This is a hat I knitted for my newborn niece.  Hats are so much fun!  I think they are my favorite things to knit.  Especially tiny little ones in pastel colors. 

We were sick a lot and we slept a lot:

I watched a lot of college football.  I miss it.  I feel lost without it.  I do have a lot of extra time on my hands now though.  So much so that I am averaging reading two books per week and have volunteered my knitting services to knit some baby items for this cause.  I won one of my football pools and lost miserably in another.  But Alabama did win.  I actually secretly wished for Notre Dame to win.  I like the team and Alabama is seemingly always in the national championships.  Was nice to see some new blood in there.  But alas, Notre Dame didn't even show up.  

The day after the national championship, I woke up thinking I had a hellish hangover (from two drinks?).  As the day wore on, it became apparent that was no hangover.  I had stomach flu.  YUCK!  Thankfully no one else seems to have contracted it.  I did a pretty good job of segregating myself in my room until I felt better and made sure to disinfect everything.  A handy trick:  Take Benadryl at the first stomach flu symptoms and pump it in your body (be mindful of the dosage, don't OD on antihistamine!) until you start feeling better.  I am telling you, it WORKS to keep nausea at bay.  It's used off label for chemo patients to keep them from puking all of the time.  Don't ask me how I know that . I'm full of useless information.   I did catch up on a lot of movies on AMC.  But if I never see Jerry Maguire again, I'd be okay with that.  AMC ran a marathon and I watched it about three times because I couldn't find the remote and I wasn't about to risk sitting up or getting out of bed to go find it. 


 More recently I chaperoned the first grade field trip to the Stock Show.  It was fun but it was a little awkward trying to distract the girls from the pony's "big weird thing by his butt" and deflecting the "Mrs. Rhode, what's semen?"  question.  Forgot these smart little first graders can read now!  Also my daughter wants a chicken - they're only $30 after all.  And a pony - one without a weird thing mind you.  And baby goats and pigs.  When I told her no way, she informed me that she would marry a rich guy and they'd buy lots of land and she'd have two horses, one named Justin Beiber and one named Sparkles and a pony and chickens and goats and pigs and her husband would take care of all of them for her.  Okayyy....  Anyway thanks to Molly for helping me out!

Finally here are a few recent ones that I simply love.

Sorry for the picture overload.  Aren't you all so glad that I have a new charging cable?  Until next time...

PS:  I am considering changing some things up in the near future, including monetizing my blog.  Stay tuned for that. 


  1. Those are all great pictures!! I love how having my iphone in my hand at all times allows me to photograph my life as it's happening!

    What is semen, Mrs. Rhode?

  2. I know! I rarely even use my camera anymore.

    Mrs. Weiss, I will have to explain that to you over a bottle of wine. Or two. :)