Wednesday, January 2, 2013


My knee jerk reaction to the question, "What are your New Year's Resolutions?" is typically something like this:  No I do not do resolutions.  Just because some arbitrary date on a calendar says it's time for new beginnings, time for big changes, my feeling is that if I'm not ready to change and if I don't see any immediate reason to change, the change won't stick.  I am a pretty unmotivated person typically.  I know this is shocking since I am extraordinarily busy and always on the run. 

But my busy schedule was born out of a sense of obligation.  I don't want to let someone down.  It's definitely not because I"m motivated to go out and change the world, one PTA meeting at a time.  I'd much rather park my ass on the couch with a drink and a football game on TV.  Also I really don't know how to say "no".  If I did resolutions, that might be a good one to add to the list. 

So when I change something in my life, it's usually got something to do with Newton's Law of Motion.  For those who failed physics, Newton's Law of Motion goes something like this:  For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. 

  • Action:  Jeans don't fit right.  Reaction:  Diet and Exercise 
  • Action:  I'm broke.  Reaction:  Create a budget and figure out why I'm broke and start cutting back on unnecessary expenses and saving money. 
 Physics professors would cringe by my analogy because that's not how Newton intended his third law to be applied, but you get the drift.  I'm simply not pro-active enough to sit down and write out 10 things I want to change in my life this year when I personally don't see much that I want to change or that is possible to EASILY change.   I also know I won't accomplish most of them and I'll end the year feeling like such a failure.  Who wants to set themselves up for that?  Some people do great with resolutions.  They're the type A personalities who make out a list and methodically check off every single thing. 

When I make up a list of 10 things, I go 100% on all 10 things and if I slip up even just once, I tend to say, "oh fuck it, this isn't working," and I give up.  Patience was never a strong suit of mine.  Only child thing probably. 

But alas, I'm feeling a lot of pressure to fit in with the cool kids, so without further ado, here are my resolutions, most of which I know I won't keep for longer than a week and I'm OK with that.  These are things I've often thought I really SHOULD be doing but then never really get around to doing.  They are also pretty easy to implement, are not huge changes and are things I've done in the past that make a world of difference with how I feel. 

1.   Drink more water.  And no, beer and wine do not count as water; neither does the mixer in the vodka.
2.   Be more patient.
3.   Do more yoga.  At least once a week. 
4.   Remember to take my damn vitamins.  This one especially because I've been sick for going on 2 months now. 
5.   Cook dinner more often.  This will require planning and I might have to become one of those annoying super organized moms who does all of her cooking on Sunday afternoon so the meals are ready all week long.  Because I absolutely do not have time during most nights of the week to do much more than throw together a sandwich and if they're lucky, a salad to go with it. 
6.   Let go of the little bothersome things and take time to notice and enjoy the little wonderful things.

That's it.  Impressive? No.  Doable?  Probably.

Happy New Year everyone!  Hope you all have an amazing 2013! 

P.S.  I plan to do a follow up post soon on my Being the Mom of a Daughter post.  I have had over 3,000 views and countless PMs on Facebook and other emails and texts about it.  I feel the need to clarify some things (e.g. yes I unequivocally LOVE my daughter!  Geesh!)  Stay tuned for that sometime soon.  And it would be great if you could all comment more.  I know I have a ton of people reading this blog but you're all so quiet.  Maybe I"d write more if I felt some love from you  :) 

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  1. I feel like I'm being an incredibly good influence on you!

    I hope I'm one of the cool kids you're talking about. :)

    I like your resolutions. 6 is a very manageable number.